WHERE a PRICE pump works

Automotive Industry

Grinding emulsion, oil, coolant, hydraulic fluid, sulfuric, automotive primer, soluble oil, varnish disposal, varnish additives, degreasing baths, cutting oil, water and glycol mixture, paint

Aviation Aircraft fuelling and drainage, satellite refueling, solid rocket propellant, missile silos
Beverage Industry

Yeast, diatomaceous earth slurry, hot pulp, liquid hops, sugar syrup, concentrates, gas-liquid mixtures, wine, fruit pulp, fruit juice, corn syrup

Ceramics Slip, glaze, enamel slip, effluent, clay, clay slurry, lime slurry, kaolin slurry
Chemical Industry

Acids, alkalies, solvents, suspensions, dispersions, magnesium hydroxide, varnishes, sump water, resins, latex, adhesives, effluent sludge, stabilizers, filter press, electrolytes

Construction Industry

Sump and pit drainage, cement slurry, ceramic tile adhesive, rock slurry, ceiling coating paints, texture spray


Lotions, creams, shampoos, emulsions, hand creams, surfactants, hair permanents, soaps

Electronics Industry

Solvents, electroplating baths, ultrapure liquids, carrier fluids for ultrasonic washing, sulfuric, nitric and acid wastes, etching acids, MEK, acetone, polishing compounds


Brine, chocolate, vinegar, molasses, dog food, vegetable oil, soy bean oil, honey, cat food, HCL, animal blood

Furniture Industry

Adhesives, varnishes, dispersions, solvents, stains, Elmer’s Glue, white good glue, solvents, glue (5-6000 cps) epoxy, starch adhesives, spray packages


Sump gallery drainage, water drainage, coal sludge and rock slurry, cement slurry, grounting mortar, oil transfer, explosive slurry, adhesive, lube oil, foaming


Tank and sump drainage, sewer cleaning, chemicals, contaminated surface water, emergency pumping, spill clean-up, waste oil, oil/water separators

Paints & Coatings

Resins, solvents, acrylic, wood preservative stain, concrete paints, varnishes, titanium dioxide slurry, primers, stains, dispersions, varnish cleaning baths, alkalyd resin

Pharmaceutical Industry

Vegetables extracts, tablet pastes, ointments, alcohols, filtering aids, ultra filtration, Blood plasma, waste solvents, sump waste


Anodic sludge, electroplating baths, varnishes, enamels, solvents, cleaning baths, filtering


Latex, adhesives, paints, resins, printing inks, dispersions, TiO2 slurry, Kaolin clay, hydrogen peroxide

Refineries Tank roof drainage, oil sludge, tank cleaning, tank moat drainage, portable pumping
Road Tanker Trucks

Loading and draining of tank by means of pump on vehicle, tank vehicle washing facilities, acid spraying, foaming

Shipbuilding Tank and bilge drainage, ship cleaning, stripping, oil skimming, seawater
Smelters, Foundries & Dye Casting

Metal slurry, hydroxide and carbide slurry, dust scrubbing slurry, back wash for flushing of cores, mold release

Textile & Carpet Dyeing chemical, scotch guard, starch and sizing, resins, dyes, latex
Water and Sewage Treatment

Milk of lime, thin slurry, effluents, chemicals, charging of filter presses, polymer, waste water

Utility Contaminated liquids, charging of scrubbers, milk of lime, transformer oil, resins